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Ishigaki island is the number-one choice of diving area in Japan

Ishigaki island is the number-one choice of diving area in Japan.
In the summer, you have a very good chance of seeing a manta ray. From winter through spring, you can see sea slugs and all kinds of young fish! And if you’re keen, you can seek out many other macro-organisms as well.
The clear waters around Ishigaki island and the unique geological formations are also an attractive feature for many divers.
Located between Ishigaki’s neighbor, Taketomi Island, and Iriomote Island is Sekisei Lagoon, which is famous for being the largest lagoon in Japan. On sunny days, the blue color of the water here is absolutely breathtaking. Of the roughly 800 types of coral in the world, half can be found here.
You can enjoy diving year-round at Ishigaki island, so come join us any time!

We have everything you need, including English language support

At NOVA DIVE, we have staff who can communicate fluently in English, so you can rest easy and enjoy your diving experience.
Our flat dive boat can accommodate up to 36 people, and includes showers, toilets, and changing rooms, allowing you to comfortably enjoy the waters of Ishigaki!

Kabira BayKabira Area

Known as a place where you can see manta rays, this area is known as “Manta City,” “Manta Highway,” and “Manta Crossing”! This is the best place to see manta rays around Ishigaki island. When the water is at its clearest, you can see the ocean bed from the surface!OsakiWestern Area

The reason this spot is so popular is because there’s a 95% chance you’ll get to see sea turtles! If turtles aren’t enough for you, you can also see amethyst anthias, dusky batfish, and spotted garden eels!

OganzakiWestern Area

Many divers enjoy the interesting and complex geological formations in this area. You can also meet large manta rays and sharks.Nagura BayWestern Area

One spectacle in this area is a formation of Pavona clavus coral of Guinness world record size. This area is also full of rare macro-organisms such as mandarinfish and spotted cardinalfish.

Taketomi IslandSouthern Area

The submarine spring bubbling up from the ocean floor is a special feature of this area. Many people find the view of the white sands relaxing.KuroshimaSouthern Area

The dynamic geological features here provide divers with a new experience every time. There is a much greater chance of seeing manta rays here in the winter!HaterumaSouthern Area

The blue color of the ocean here is so enthralling that it has its own name, “Hateruma Blue”! Even just floating in the clear waters is very therapeutic.

Trial dives

You can dive with us without a Licence-Card!

Our dives are conducted in small groups accompanied by an instructor, so even first-timers can feel safe diving in the waters of Ishigaki
We provide full-face masks, so try one out!
If you enjoy your diving experience, take the next step and enroll in one our divers’ license course!!

Our boats depart from the conveniently located Ishigaki Bay

All of our boats depart from Ishigaki Bay. At Ishigaki Bay, you can see manta rays, and you can also easily access other diving spots, such as the eastern side of Iriomote Island, Kohama Island, and Taketomi Island!
At NOVA Dive Resort, we can provide transportation to and from your hotel. All you need to do is ask.

PADI Courses

At NOVA Dive Center, we offer all types of PADI courses for all levels, from entry-level divers to professionals.
Get your C-card while enjoying the sights of Ishigaki island!

PADI Certified Diver Courses

PADI Rescue Diver Course (RES)
PADI Open Water Diver Course (OWD)
PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course (AOW)
Emergency First Response Course (EFR)